Our Focus

Here at Modern Therapy Seattle, our focus is helping adolescents and adults from an acceptance-based orientation. 

We work with a variety of issues: Sexuality and sexual expression, communication, gender concerns, dating coaching, depression and anxiety. 

We are proud to support the Sex Positive community and the Sex Workers community in Seattle. We are Poly and Kink friendly, LGBTQ-friendly, and welcome relationship and religious minorities. Modern Therapy Seattle was created as an inclusive space to serve clients who may have felt judged or misunderstood in other therapeutic settings.

We enjoy working with people who are making a transition in their lives, sometimes this transition is the ending or beginning of a relationship, moving to a new city, or finding a better job. We like to see transitions as opportunities for people to fulfill personal greatness; although they can be very difficult, but they are also opportunities for growth.

One of our specializations is helping people date. What does this mean? We help people do the work necessary to start a great relationship, from helping people flirt, to preparing themselves for the relationship, to tools for finding “the one”. On the other side, we also guide people through the feelings of grief, loss, and sometimes anger that accompany a break up. For more information about dating coaching, please check the Services page.



Haley Krenzke, MA LMFTA



Sexual and relationship wellness are an integral part of a positive human experience. Shame, stigma, and expectations put people into boxes that limit growth and healing. I am passionate about my work with individuals, couples, and relational systems around issues of desire discrepancy, sexual identity and expression, gender identity and expression, relationship difficulties, finding freedom in authentic self-expression, and precommitment/premarital therapy.

I work with all gender expressions and identities, as well as all sexual and relationship identities: from monogamous to poly, vanilla to kinky. My approach to therapy embodies openness, respect, curiosity, and accountability to power.

I currently hold a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University. I draw on humanistic and experiential theory such as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman. I am sex and pleasure-positive, queer-identified, and a Health At Every Size practitioner.

Valerie Woolley, MA LMHCA



Greetings! I encourage clients to practice self-compassion and authenticity in therapy as we investigate life’s challenges and improve overall wellbeing. Counseling is an opportunity for me to walk side-by-side with clients; to witness suffering, courage, and growth. I work with adult individuals and couples.

I hold a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University Seattle, where I focused my education on social justice, existential theory, mindfulness, and attachment-related issues.

In working with me, you’ll experience a warm, inviting atmosphere where I employ humor, compassion, and creativity. A mindful practice helps to keep us present and engaged, meaning I might guide you through a meditation to relieve stress and suggest that you develop your own practice. Anxiety, depression, self-worth, grief, life transitions are all fair game. Bring me your narrative, your angst, your relationship issues and we’ll work together to find balance and perspective.

Kristen Schaer, MA LMHCA



The therapeutic process asks us to call upon radical vulnerability, self-compassion, our traumas, our relationships with ourselves and others, and our strengths to craft a hopeful future. As a therapist, I understand that electing to seek out therapy is an enormous step for many people. My role as a therapist is to meet clients where they are at with empathy, open-mindedness, and non-judgment.

Relationships are the cornerstone of how we see ourselves, our place in the world, and our sense of feeling secure and loved. Love comes in a diverse array of formations, and as a therapist I welcome people from a variety of backgrounds: LGBTQIA, the entire gender spectrum, all manner of non-traditional relationships, and people who represent a rich tapestry of ethnic/cultural/non-ableist representation.

I attained my Master's in Mental Health Counseling from Cambridge College in Cambridge, Massachusetts and my Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. I believe art and self-expression in various modes can be instrumental in self-discovery, creating a meaningful, mindful life, and pondering complex emotions in a productive way.

In addition to utilizing self-expression in my practice, I also like to employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, theories of attachment, Trauma Informed Therapy, exploration of how families of origin inform our relationships, Emotion Focused Couples Therapy, and how chosen families can play a reparative role in our lives.

I am very conscious that my clients are the experts of their own lives. I believe that my role as a counselor is to hold space for others to be themselves, provide a toolkit for the challenges of life, and to be client-focused in my orientation. Therapy is a collaborative process and I think powerful change can come from navigating that space together.


Idil LEvitas, MA LMFTA



I work with couples, individual adults and teens, and families from a client-centered, relational, and strengths-based approach. I welcome clients who are seeking couples therapy to address any of a variety of issues, including relational distress, perpetual conflicts, communication difficulties, decreased emotional or sexual intimacy, and navigating through life transitions.

Other clinical issues I address with individuals, couples, and families include anxiety, depression, substance use and addiction recovery, grief and loss, shame, reducing stress, and healing and growth related to sexuality and gender identity. Supporting clients as they cope with vulvovaginal pain conditions is a focus of mine, as well as supporting girls and young women and their families as they come of age. I work with LGBTQ+, gender queer, and gender non-conforming clients, and am poly and kink friendly.

I believe it’s important to honor the cultural identities of my clients--age, race, class, nationality, gender, ethnicity--and to empower clients to utilize cultural strengths in our work towards their goals in therapy. I also strive to be attentive to  how systemic oppression, privilege, and power impact my clients’ lives and intersect with the issues that we address together. I hold a Master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy from Antioch University-Seattle, and a Bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University, Connecticut.  


Kate L Stewart, MA LMHC

Kate Stewart has worked in private practice since 2008, focusing on working with the Sex Positive population as well as other gender and sexual minorities, offering psychotherapy and dating coaching. She has taught Flirting 101 and Everything You Need to Know About Sex at the Experimental College of the University of Washington.

Kate completed her Masters in Counseling at Antioch University and her Bachelor of Arts at the Evergreen State College. Her training is in Existential therapy, and offers individual, relationship, and sex therapy.

Being a counselor and dating coach is definitely my calling in life.  I am able to witness some of the most amazing growth and change in people's lives, and I couldn't ask for more out of a job!

I'm honored to serve clients and follow my personal values at the same time, by helping clients embrace all aspects of their identity, specifically things that are misunderstood or stigmatized by others. Radical authenticity and unconditional support are the main themes in my work. The relationships I create with clients as they build self-esteem, improve their relationship, and lead the lives they want are incredible satisfying.