Individual Psychotherapy -- Adults

Have you ever been in therapy before? If  not, you might have some questions, and I know for some people who’ve never experienced counseling, it can almost seem scary!

If you have been in therapy before, you probably already know that therapy can cover a range of experiences. Sometimes, work is done in healing from past trauma, sometimes in negotiating current relationship difficulties. Therapy can be about learning positive life skills, or it can be using mindfulness techniques to draw love and joy into a client’s life. The possibilities are endless!

You’ll also know that the experience of being in therapy can vary dramatically given which therapist you work with. That being said, it’s very important to find the right therapist for you.

We offer therapy on a one on one basis, with adults and adolescents. We operate primarily from an Existential and humanistic framework which means identifying the most basic concerns and struggles, those that relate to the “givens” of existence: life, death, meaning, isolation, freedom. Sounds a little dire, right? Don’t worry, it’s much more inspiring then it sounds in that description! Identifying and understanding the biggest (and sometimes scariest) questions and issues that we struggle with can be very liberating, and it can help put the smaller details into perspective.

Individual Psychotherapy -- Adolescents

The role of any therapist working with young people is first to understand them, hear them as they are, help them adapt to current elements in their life that they can't change, and help them identify what they can change. We are honored to help young people grow on the path to adulthood! If you have questions about how it may look to bring your adolescent son or daughter in for therapy with us, please contact us with your questions.


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Sex Therapy -- Adults and Couples

Let's face it, there comes a time in many individuals or couple's lives where sex just wasn't as great as it once was. This is where sex therapy can help! We work with a variety of different sexual concerns, depending on whether we work with individuals or couples: differing levels of interest/libido between two people in a relationship, how to communicate about sex and ask for what you want, working with and through sexual dysfunction. If you are curious what sex therapy entails, please check out this Wikipedia entry.

One of the best parts of sex therapy is that it traditionally looks at any issue a person or couple/relationship might be having, and looks at it from the "ecosystemic model," meaning that we take many things into account when helping people. What messages did they get growing up about sex? How much stress is in their life currently? Are they experiencing any medical issues or chronic illness? How are they getting along with their spouse or sexual partner?

Couples Therapy

Hitting a rough patch in your relationships? We work primarily with polyamorous and kinky-identified couples, relationship groups of more than two, or any form of open or non-traditional relationship formats. We also work with other unique couples or families that have special concerns, such as being transgender or bisexual, alternative spiritual or religious beliefs, etc.

When we work with couples, the focus isn’t on who is right, or placing blame on one person. Instead, I focus on increasing positive communication and understanding, through non-judgmental support.

Dating Coaching

We’ve all been single at some point, and know how difficult it can be to search for that someone special. One of the problems we face when we are looking for love is that we hold many assumptions about our own ability to find suitable mates, and also about our ability to carry on meaningful relationships. We use mindfulness techniques to help draw potential mates into my client’s life, how to flirt effectively, dating etiquette, and exploring the possibilities of online dating.

Are you baffled by flirting, or don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for people to date? You, yes you, can be a natural, easygoing flirter, with confidence to spare! Enjoy the positive, upbeat atmosphere as we unravel the mysteries of dating.

We start by assessing what your goals are for dating coaching: do you want to start dating casually for the experience? Or maybe you are looking for the love of your life? It may seem like everyone's goals are the same for dating, but that is not always the case! 

Once we know what a client's goals are, we start with strategising the steps to get them there. Along the way, we may focus on flirting tips, where to find potential partners, and how to think positively about bringing that special someone into your life. 


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