Online Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

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What is online therapy?

Online therapy, or “telemental health,” comes in many shapes and forms. It can be conducted over email, internet chat systems, or video conferencing. We believe this to be an incredibly valuable model of services because many potential therapy clients cannot access services in person in the area they live in. This can happen in rural communities because there aren’t enough mental health providers in the area, or because clients can’t find the type of services they need. At Modern Therapy Seattle, we understand that people in smaller towns or more conservative areas may not have access to in-person Sex Positive therapy services, or could be worried that the therapist/s who are available to them is someone they already know and don’t feel comfortable working with.

We provide online services using Zoom and Doxy, which are two HIPAA-compliant services which cater to healthcare or professional video conferencing needs.

How is online therapy different from in-person therapy?

Online therapy with a Modern Therapy Seattle clinician is exactly the same as in person therapy, except it is conducted online.

How is online therapy conducted?

When we work with clients online, we use real-time video-conferencing, so it will feel like an in-person therapy session. If you have ever talked with a friend or loved one on Skype or FaceTime, you will be very familiar with the setting of online therapy.

What are the benefits of online therapy?

Online therapy can be helpful to clients who live far away from the type of services they are looking for, or have scheduling issues that keep them from being able to physically get to the office.

Many clients have reported that being able to do therapy from home has helped them feel comfortable opening up, meaning they don’t have to travel back home in an emotional state.

Online therapy is also very helpful to clients who have medical issues or conditions that affect mobility. We are dedicated to serving clients of all abilities!

Can couples or Families use online therapy?

Modern Therapy Seattle has conducted couples counseling online, when partners are in separate locations and when partners are in the same location. The main difference is that there is a split-screen when working with couples or families who are not in the same location, but the therapy is essentially the same. Don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions about how this works!

Here is more information on therapy services with Modern Therapy Seattle, in case our introduction to online counseling hasn’t answered all of your questions.

Individual Psychotherapy -- Adults

Have you ever been in therapy before? If  not, you might have some questions, and I know for some people who’ve never experienced counseling, it can almost seem scary!

If you have been in therapy before, you probably already know that therapy can cover a range of experiences. Sometimes, work is done in healing from past trauma, sometimes in negotiating current relationship difficulties. Therapy can be about learning positive life skills, or it can be using mindfulness techniques to draw love and joy into a client’s life. The possibilities are endless!

You’ll also know that the experience of being in therapy can vary dramatically given which therapist you work with. That being said, it’s very important to find the right therapist for you.

We offer therapy on a one on one basis, with adults and adolescents. We operate primarily from an Existential and humanistic framework which means identifying the most basic concerns and struggles, those that relate to the “givens” of existence: life, death, meaning, isolation, freedom. Sounds a little dire, right? Don’t worry, it’s much more inspiring then it sounds in that description! Identifying and understanding the biggest (and sometimes scariest) questions and issues that we struggle with can be very liberating, and it can help put the smaller details into perspective.

Individual Psychotherapy -- Adolescents

The role of any therapist working with young people is first to understand them, hear them as they are, help them adapt to current elements in their life that they can't change, and help them identify what they can change. We are honored to help young people grow on the path to adulthood! If you have questions about how it may look to bring your adolescent son or daughter in for therapy with us, please contact us with your questions.

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